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Welcome to PowderScooter, Vietnam’s premier Vespa and Lambretta restoration specialist. To many, new scooters have never been able to recreate the look and elegance of a classic Vespa or Lambretta. We agree. The lines and grace of these early models are timeless.
The trouble is that so few classic scooters are available – reputable dealers are hard to find and the few classic bikes that do reach the market are hardly affordable. Here is where we excel.
Luckily, Vietnam is replete with scooters. Even during some of Vietnam’s most difficult economic times, scooters remained a cherished luxury. To help fill the market need, we created our own restoration firm during this period.
It is only now that European, Australian, New Zealand and American collectors and dealers are finding their way to Vietnam. In fact, we have been told that Vietnam is now the largest source of classic scooters on the market in Italy (imagine!).
We offer a complete array of restored scooters from the 60’s and 70’s. Here are the models that we regularly supply:

Vespa: VBC super, VBB, VLB Sprint, 50cc Special, PX150E, PX200E, T5

Lambretta: LI3, LI Special, LI2, LD.

Of course, there are dozens of firms that also restore classic scooters. Some are even in Vietnam. Of course, we have all heard the horror stories about scooters purchased from other restoration shops: engines that freeze up, shoddy workmanship, late deliveries, bait-and-shift tactics...
Yet, there a number of reasons why so many hard-nosed dealers and customers return each year and buy scooters from us... 

We are different. As a multi-generational family business, we are in this business for the long term.

Simply we provide you the best quality with US and European standards, we cater to your demand: with us you can choose whatever available or build a custom bike with your own preference, you design and we do it.

We are online almost all the time from Monday to Sunday so your inquiries will be responded within 24 hours at most.

We provide the payment method that buyers can keep track the transfer process

Reasons why our bikes are more dominant than others:

  • We restore bike to standard and keep the original parts, keeping the vintage beauty.
  • We use true new parts for vespa, many are using honda parts which does not fit for vespa and destroy the beauty
  • All bikes are upgraded to electric ignition 12v CDI system which provide a better horn and light, more reliable electric, others are saying 12v but they really do not do so, still keep 6v.
  • We use the highest paint technology which applied for cars, there will be no rust and the paint will last long forever. Many are using a cheap paint, check around.
  • We make bikes the most perfect from the cosmetics look to the engine performace, no noise at all.
  • We test the bike some hundreds kms on the road and apply necessary adjustment before shipment guarantee that buyers will take the bike and jump on to ride all the time.

Visit our workshop:

23 Han Mac Tu st, Tan Thanh ward, Tan Phu district, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Tell: 84 (0) 909 52 0302

Fax: 84 (8) 842 8744

Email: info@powderscooter.com

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